Comparing Microsoft Analysis Services and PowerPivot

Last week I attended Microsoft Days 2010 conference, that took place in Bulgaria and I have to say I was amazed with what is to be released in near and not so near future! I participated in all sessions regarding SQL Server and Business Intelligence and I have to say it was one hell of a good experience there. Of course there couple of things that I knew about a lot time ago, but still it was very interesting hearing it again. One of those things, I am talking about is Micorosoft’s vision on the BI world and especially PowerPivot! This is an add-in for Excel 2010 which can definitely come in hand in couple of my future projects so I will keep exploring it and of course – blogging about it.
PowerPivot team had written a very good article on comparison PowerPivot with Analysis Services and how they see the future of their product and a view of the BI landscape. Here is the article:
I recommend anyone who is somehow involved with BI, Report engineering, etc. to read the article and try to incorporate this new add-in in their work as it is a tool that can actually be learned and perceived very easy from end-users because it uses an environment known by them and I have to say – that they love and not willing to leave :). I am talking about Excel as you may already noticed!
I will continue exploring and sharing my experience with PowerPivot so keep reading…

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