What can happen in one-week time (off-topic)

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Last couple of days there were really big things happening to me as in a week time I got certified in SQL Server 2008 Installation and Maintenance and SQL Server Database Development. With those two certificates I am getting closer to my goal of getting all MCITPs for SQL Server 2008. Another very important event that happened to me yesterday was attending the Bulgarian BI and SQL user group regular meeting. As it was my first meeting I was quite nervous and inactive in the session but I hope it won’t be like that next time. I have to admit that in the group we have some great specialists, all gathered around a common interest – SQL Server. There is definitely a lot to learn and a lot to see in the field of SQL Server but I am not afraid of going into deep waters. I am eager to attend the next meeting where we will talk for SQL Server R2 MDS (Master Data Services) and PowerPivot (the last one is quite interesting and my passion if you will, as you might noticed in my PowerPivot blog series). Mentioning the PowerPivot series, there is still one article to be written so stay tuned. Following days I expect to have some extra time free so I will be able to complete what I have started (hopefully).

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