How to enable PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013

I am working on a presentation for our newest local PASS BI Chapter (Bulgaria BI & .NET Geeks) and around the subject I am preparing there are a lot of questions that are popping up. So I decided to show you here how to do some of the stuff I will be presenting.

Before we start though, first we will have to enable PowerPivot and Power View in Microsoft Excel 2013. So now I am going to share exactly this.

So first you open a blank workbook in excel and go to File->Options


Once done, go to Ad-ins page, from the add-ins drop-down menu select COM addins and press GO.



After that there is a window opened where you can see all you COM add-ins (both enabled and disabled). So next you have to check PowerPivot and Power View boxes.



Hit OK and you are done. How to tell that everything is alright? You should check in the INSERT ribbon if you have a Power View button and also if you have a PowerPivot ribbon on top:




powerpivot powerview


That is it. Now you are ready to use both add-ins and author reports you’ve never imagined you can do with Excel :)

11 Replies to “How to enable PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013”

  1. power view is not an option in the Add in ? how do I get it to show in the Add In Page…?

  2. I followed your steps above, but the Power Pivot and Power View options are not there,
    I have the full Office 2013 version. How do I enable Power Pivot if it doesn’t show up there?

  3. I spent lots of time to find out how to get enable PowerPivot, but Finally this site help me.

  4. I only have the option for Power View not MS Power Pivot for Excel 2013. Any help would be appreciated,

  5. Got into Power View by accident. It has disabled my spread sheet. How do I turn the $%#^ thing off and get my spreed sheet back?

  6. the power pivot is fine and the power view is loaded but will not show the ribbon icon…

  7. I already took the steps mentioned above but the PowerView icon is missing / not shown anywhere in the Insert Tab. Please advise what to do.

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