Monitoring MDW purge job

During one of my latest investigations on SQL Server MDW, I had to learn a few things the hard way – there are several stored procedures, that run on the central MDW server, such as the sp_purge_data which are designed to give you a constant update on what are they doing, but you need to manually enable it. Most of the stored procedures have PRINT/RAISEERROR statements in their code and in the case of the purge SP, I wanted to see what is going on behind the scenes. The sp_purge_data procedure is called via a SQL Agent job, called mdw_purge_data. So in my case I was lucky – what I needed to do is to simply set an output of the job step (called Step 1) like this:



Then just save the job and run it – the log is immediately created and now you can see what is going on:


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