The tech things I wish I had time to go through

I have a list. A list with things, that I want to read or be able to test myself and it is all related to the Microsoft Data Platform world. Over the year I managed to go through almost all of the the articles or books and whatever I found interesting, I shared it.

I was thinking the other day – what was the thing, that really blew my mind off. And I believe I have a winner! If you are wondering – this is the Phil Seamark’s series on Analysis Services Tabular modeling techniques for scalability and large models using aggregations.

But what’s left in my list? Actually a lot. Why am I sharing it? I don’t know exactly, but probably you’ll find something interesting for you in there. :-)

  1. Automated testing for SSAS Tabular – this one does not need an introduction I guess. The technique is very interesting and can be adjusted/extended for your personal project needs
  2. Workload Tools by SpaghettiDBA – This one I watched in action on SQL Bits 2019 and I was blown away!!! Finally a tool to capture, replay, redirect queries and helps in upgrade, performance or any other scenario where you need to capture a SQL workload. A true GEM!
  3. The DEVOPS series for SSAS Tabular with Tabular Editor (p1 and p2) – no need for an explanation here. Just start using Tabular Editor and integrate it in your devops
  4. SSAS Tabular Master model and derivative models – another very interesting approach for cases, where you need to have a lot of models that are similar, but do not want to maintain them separately
  5. PnL Modeling and Analysis sample by Microsoft
  6. The SSAS Tabular Style Guide – this one is quite new but needs some love and verification with whatever I have already created as a model :-)

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