SQL Server UG Webinar Jan 2020 follow-up

On 10th of January we kicked off the meetups of the SQL and BI User Group in Bulgaria with a topic, dedicated to Microsoft BI stack and its implementation. The webinar turned out to be quite popular with a lot of questions and potential long discussions and it was difficult to follow up everything without exceeding the meeting time. So as I promised, here is the follow up. I will list the questions or topics, I could not address during the webinar.

  1. Georgi (I do not have any other details) asked a question on relationships in PowerBI, SSAS and Excel, particularly having an issue with SSAS and Excel, where relationships are not being “picked up” or honored, whereas PowerBI has no issues. I am not sure I understand it correctly, but there are couple of things in my mind – if it is related to automatically detecting relationships – it only PowerBI that can do that, if it is related to crossfiltering – well, PowerBI has M:M relationships and corssfilter direction “both” that does not exist in Excel/SSAS, so this can be another thing. Everything other than that – Georgi, please drop me a message on FB, LinkedIn or Twitter and I wil l see if I can help you further
  2. Martin Tsvetkov asks on Slowly Changing Dimensions in the context of snowflake schemas. I am not entirely sure I understand it properly, but handling SCD in snowflake schema might be really tricky and the one time I needed it, I denormalized the particular set of dimensions. A great explanation you can find here.
  3. Stefan Boychev asked about a future topic on comparing SSIS and Azure Data Factory. I am not really fan of comparing those two services but rather show how they complement each other :-) But in any case, I am adding this to the list of topics of our group

Of course, I am also sharing the slides of the session, which you can find below!

Implementing End to end solution with Microsoft BI stack

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